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Enhance your camera with this luxurious lanyard, handmade by myself with premium braided rope and a Horween leather end attached to the Peak Design Anchor Link AL4 system. This is an upgraded version of my lanyard featured on


The premium 6mm diameter nylon rope is incredibly strong yet lightweight, soft and supple. I have burnished the Horween leather edges to give a smooth feel before hand stitching with strong Ritza waxed polyester thread.


Connection to the camera is via the Peak Design Anchor Link. A spare anchor is supplied so that the lanyard can quickly be switched between two devices. The AL4 anchors, although thin (2mm diam), have an incredibly strong 3 layer construction and are rated up to 90kg of force.


Intended primarily for use with cameras, this lanyard is also suitable for holding a wide range of other devices including: mobile phones, drone contollers, torches, keys, small tool pouches etc.

"CORDY" Premium Lanyard with Peak Design Anchor Link AL4

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