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I started making my 'Cordy' paracord camera straps after unsuccessfully trying to find a suitable wrist strap for my DSLR. I'd tried a couple of leather straps both of which were really well made and looked great, but proved to be frustrating in use. The leather was not particularly supple and I found that extracting my wrist from the straps was never a smooth operation, so I decided to have a go at making my own. After much Googling and watching of YouTube videos I found what I was looking for - Parachute Cord.


Paracord, as it is more commonly known, is a material of remarkable strength and versatility. It is ideal for weaving, and one of the most popular items made from woven Paracord is the survival bracelet. It was this that formed the basis of my 'Cordy' camera wrist strap.


The design for my new camera strap had to be all of the following:
- More than strong enough to support the weight of a heavy DSLR camera.
- Easy to attach to the camera, and easy to remove from the wrist.
- Finally, it had to look good and be comfortable to wear.


My original 'Cordy Classic' design achieved all of the above and more, as I soon realised that the strap also had an inbuilt security feature in that it would instantly tighten around the wrist if the camera fell, or was pulled from the hand.

After showing the strap to my son, another keen photographer, his reaction was "You ought to sell these on Ebay Dad". I took his advice, and felt really proud when I had my first sale and received positive feedback. Since then I've added many more designs and am now also making neck/shoulder camera straps using braided cord and leather.

All of the Paracord used to make my 'Cordy' camera straps is manufactured in the USA to exacting standards and has been extensively tested to exceed the 550lb minimum break strength and is always made with 100% nylon.

If you do decide to buy one of my camera straps then I sincerely hope you get as much satisfaction using it as I have making it.


Thank you,



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