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Handmade by myself from the finest quality US manufactured Type III 550lb Paracord with 7 internal strands.


This is my original classic "Cordy Duo" camera wrist strap made from 2 lengths of different colour Paracord spliced together for maximum strength.


To make the strap I start by forming a small eyelet at one end and then weave an 8 inch / 20 cm (approx) wristband in the Cobra / Solomon Bar pattern. The remaining loop of cord threads through the eyelet to complete the strap.


The design of the strap allows it to stay in a closed or open position without aid. However, it will instantly tighten around your wrist should the camera fall or be pulled from your hand.


Each strap comes with a stainless steel split ring to connect it to your camera. As an additional connection option you may choose either a  snap hook, an OPTech Mini QD Loop or a Peak Design Anchor Link with spare anchor.


Suitable for DSLRs, Mirrorless Cameras, Bridge Cameras and Rangefinders.

"CORDY Duo" Paracord Camera Wrist Strap

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