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Handmade by myself from the finest quality US manufactured Type III 550lb Paracord with 7 internal strands.


This design, is made from two lengths of different colour Paracord spliced together for maximum strength. An 8 inch / 20 cm (approx) wristband is woven in a crossover pattern making a flat comfortable strap. The remaining cord passes through a strong welded "D" ring which allows  the strap to smoothly open and close around the wrist.


The completed wrist strap is incredibly strong, comfortable to wear, and easily attaches to one of your camera's existing strap connection points using your choice of either stainless steel split ring, snap hook, OPTech Mini QD Loop or a Peak Design Anchor Link with spare anchor..   


Additionally, the strap has an inbuilt security feature in that it will instantly tighten around your wrist should the camera falls or be pulled from your hand. I have also fitted a rubber slider to allow the wristband to be held in place around the wrist for extra comfort and peace of mind.


Suitable for DSLRs, Mirrorless Cameras, Bridge Cameras and Rangefinders.

"CORDY Crossover Duo" Paracord Camera Wrist Strap

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