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Specifically designed for the Ricoh GR and Sony RX100 series of cameras this fixed length slimline neck/shoulder strap is hand made by myself from red 6mm diameter polyester braided marine rope with black leather trim securing OPTech Mini QD Loops.


To ensure a secure connection to the rope the leather is hand-sewn with strong black polyester waxed thread. Connection to the camera is via the OPTech Mini QD Loops.


OPTech Mini QD Loops are high quality, sturdy connectors and ideal for attaching to small cameras like the Ricoh GR and Sony RX100 series. Also, by using the 2 included split rings the strap can be connected to cameras with lugs such as the Fujifilm X100 series.


Depending on the length chosen, this strap can be worn around the neck, on the shoulder, or across the body, bandolier style. The smooth round profile of the cord allows the strap to easily slide over clothing when bringing the camera up to eye level for shooting making it ideal for street photography.


The strap length measurement is tip to tip of the QD Loop cords.

Custom lengths available.


N.B. Cameras not included (for illustration only)

"CORDY Slim QD" - Red Braided Rope Camera Neck Strap with OPTech Mini QD Loops

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