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Enhance your camera with this luxurious fixed length neck strap, hand made by myself from premium braided rope with Horween leather ends and Peak Design Anchor Links AL4.


The premium 8mm diameter nylon rope is incredibly strong yet lightweight, soft and supple. I have burnished the Horween leather edges to give a smooth feel before hand stitching with strong Ritza waxed polyester thread.


Connection to the camera is via the Peak Design Anchor Links. Supplied with a total of 4 anchors the strap can quickly be switched between two cameras.


The cord used in these latest Peak Design Anchors is incredibly strong rated at 90 kg.


Depending on the length chosen, this strap can be worn around the neck, on the shoulder, or across the body, bandolier style. The smooth round profile of the cord allows the strap to easily slide over clothing when bringing the camera up to eye level for shooting making it ideal for street photography.


Custom lengths available.


Suitable for DSLRs, Mirrorless Cameras, Bridge Cameras and Rangefinders.

"CORDY" Premium Rope Camera Neck Strap with Peak Design Anchor Links

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