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This strap is hand made from the finest quality US manufactured Type 1 black Paracord. Although only 2 mm in diameter, Type 1 Paracord is very strong with a breaking strain in excess of 100 lbs / 45 kgs.


This design is made from a single length of Paracord. A small eyelet is formed at the end of the strap followed by a 20 cm wristband woven in the Cobra pattern. The remaining cord is threaded through the eyelet allowing the strap to smoothly open and close around the wrist.


Small and light, easy to attach, this strap is ideal for those days when you can't be bothered to cart loads of kit about and just want to pop a small camera in your pocket.


Suitable for Mirrorless Cameras, Premium Compacts, Smart Phones etc. 

The "CORDY LITE" Paracord camera Wrist Strap - Black

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